“Home is where I want to be, pick me up and turn me ’round”
“Love me ’til my heart stops, love me ’til I’m dead”

This Must Be the Place where lights are no longer themselves
they are bleeding green, yellow, red, white
disappearing with the highway
small balls of paint smeared
impossible to replicate
impossible to forget
you blink once
three times
yet it’s never enough for them to go back to “normal”

This Must Be the Place where the levee breaks
you can’t Escape the tears
rolling faster than even your four wheels
can’t stop the 90 mph thoughts
reminding you that when He hears this
He thinks of her
but with every familiar note you think of Him
trapped in a locked seatbelt kind of heart break
wondering what it would be like
to be picked up & turned around
by this Man you love so much

This Must Be the Place where your heart beats out of its cage
& you know any moment it could go still
the cry for love unanswered
your heart opening up its wings
knowing He will not be there to wrap around
while you feel like He is home, He will never be
in this Place, it is you & only you
1,000 miles always just out of reach
the hope you had, the light in your eyes
has died
& you realize that you are no longer a lover
& this truly is a Naive Melody